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Crypto Minute Run

Passionate about crypto, marketing & seeing people make a million dollars trading crypto! Passionate about helping newcomers.

Cryptominuterun is a Toronto based content creator who brings quick and juicy crypto updates.

Many people who first hear the term "blockchain" automatically think of Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency craze. While those are definitely applications of blockchain technology, they are likely just a fraction of what blockchain can be. Crypto Minute Run talks about blockchain and its potential beyond cryptocurrencies.

Lover of Crypto, and works hard to ensure his followers are well informed about the good and bad points about this new technology. He's come a long way and is confident in his ability to change the way people think about crypto and ultimately helping them make better decisions with their investments.

Learning about Bitcoin in 2012, sparked German's interest in the world of cryptocurrency. The year 2017 marked German's transition to "full time crypto" and he devoted all of his energy to expanding cryptocurrency.  Since then, he has been trying to help newcomers enter the crypto space with a positive experience and avoid all the downsides. In 2019, He began coaching individuals on entering the crypto world.  Co-founder of Metamarketing International which was founded in 2022, and continues to assist everyone in need within the crypto community.

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