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An interview-based docu-series featuring pioneers of the tech industry, executives, traders, criminals, pump-and-dump schemers, and other experts is featured in this series. This series will reveal the story of Bitcoin and make you rethink your investment strategy.

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Bitcoin is the future of money, and real people are making it happen.

We live in an age when people purchase televisions and video games with cryptocurrencies, and employers even pay their employees with cryptocurrencies. Despite bitcoin's ten-year history, no independent documentary has been produced on the technology.

So what's the deal with Bitcoins? Is it just for tech geeks or are there real opportunities here? What, if anything, can we make with Bitcoin? How can we be sure scams and frauds aren't lurking around every corner? And is it really a smart idea to store our life savings in Bitcoin? "Crypto Life" answers these questions and more.

Peter Ratnikov and S'aint Nick standing on a stage

The new digital currency, Bitcoin, is here and it's more than just money...

If you're an early adopter in cryptocurrency, you know there's a huge and chaotic story in this emerging space. The crypto world has shown that most people who hold cryptocurrencies know little about them.  Technological change and development are speeding up. In the cryptocurrency world, things change very quickly. Would you like to know what's behind your back?

Bitcoin has its good sides and its bad sides. This is the story of my experiences in the crypto community, the good and the bad.  The concept of cryptocurrency has been a recent phenomenon in the financial world. It's said to be the future of money and an alternative method of dealing with money transactions.